Paradise in West Sumatera: Pagang & Sikuai Island

West Sumatera / September 3, 2014

It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve been to the beach. Little did I know, there is a hidden paradise in West Side of Sumatera I wasn’t expecting. It’s true that the best things happen unexpectedly.
The paradise was placed in Pagang and Sikuai Island. To get there, me, Global Lead Summit team and delegates needed to get to the edge of Padang city. While we’re going through the hills to get to the bay, we can even see the beach blending in with the blue sea from above. The palm trees even makes you feel like you’re in those movies shoot in California. But this time, the color of the sea is even more blue.
Once we arrived at the edge of Padang city, we rode a boat to cross to the Island. Our first arrival was in Sikuai Island, followed by another short boat trip to Pagang Island. I personally felt there were not much difference between the two, both of the waters were blue with decent clean and light coloured sand. Yet, both were special in it’s own way.

The beach on Sikuai Island

Crystal clear water

I would like to thank the sun, for shining so bright that day it’s glittering the sea water, making it very much crystal clear.
The pureness of the sea makes it even more satisfying to swim. It’s so hard to not get wet, so I bet you need to be prepared before going here (unlike myself, who’ve basically didn’t bring extra clothes nor any swimsuit, and I don’t want to go back home wearing a wet outfit).
Our visit with the Global Lead Summit delegates occur during the Independence Day of Indonesia, August 17th 2014. I can say I am lucky enough to be able to spend and celebrate our Independence Day with people from different countries, in one of the nation’s treasured Islands. 
Happy Independence Day, Indonesia! Well, since I’m going with our youth delegates, my message is that I hope that we can have better youth leaders in the future and can also showcase the tourism in Indonesia even better (Because places like this are the reason why!) 
Sabrina Anggraini