4D3N Sailing Komodo Adventure – Part I

East Nusa Tenggara , Travel Guide , West Nusa Tenggara / October 5, 2015

Going to Indonesia’s Nusa Tenggara has always been a long-fond dream of mine. Let’s say that I have a firm believe that the east of Indonesia is the place to find the another side of Indonesia’s incredible natural beauty. Turns out, it exceeds my expectation!

After finishing our 2-months community service in Alor, East Nusa Tenggaraon August, we know we don’t want to go straight home. Instead, we decided to explore Flores Overland and do this Komodo Sailing Trip. Our route took place from East Nusa Tenggara (Start from Labuan Bajo Harbour) to West Nusa Tenggara (Ends in Bangsal Harbour, Lombok).

Whether you want a break from the hustle city life or simply enjoy another doze of nature, there are a lot of beautiful scenery you can find in your sailing trip.


Day 1 – Labuan Bajo – Rinca Island – Komodo Island – Pink Beach

Labuan Bajo

Due to the limited time, we haven’t explored much of Labuan Bajo. After staying overnight at the lodge, we went to Labuan Bajo harbour to depart for Sailing Trip. Our first stop is going to be Rinca Island. On our way, I can’t seem to stop starting at the view that’s surrounding us. You will see tiny islands and blue sea colours, and the breezing wind makes it perfect. I enjoyed every moment I got while we’re sailing from Labuan Bajo to Rinca Island.

We are ready to start our adventure! (Or should I say—ready to not take a bath for 3 days)


This photos is unedited. Taken with iPhone only. Period.


Rinca Island

Rinca Island is a home to the Komodo dragon, a part of Komodo National Park. Once you got to the main ranger station, a ranger will lead your group to start walking through the island. There’s a lot more Komodo dragons here than in Komodo Island, as they mostly gather close to each ranger station you’re walking through.
Rinca Island has two types of trek; savanna and jungle trek. Jungle trek is usually where the Komodo dragons nested their eggs. While Savana trek is where we walk through vast Savana hills. During your walk, you will see Komodo dragons along the way. They were so huge! Note that we needed to be careful and fully follow the instruction of the ranger as the Komodo Dragons were set free uncaged. Worry not, the National Park already has its safety measures, so as a visitor we just needed to follow the standard that has been set.
Aside of Komodo Dragons, you can also spot some monkeys and buffalos amongst the forest.

Komodo Island

Be careful not to be fooled with the name, since I wasn’t finding more Komodo dragons than Rinca Island here! I personally think that Rinca Island has a better experience. Even so, the moment I saw Komodo Dragons here, they were posing majestically in front of the panoramic sea view.

 Seeing the Komodo dragons and the beautiful sea in one frame was the highlight in Komodo island


Sunset around Komodo archipelago

We finished off our short Komodo island trip by watching a sunset from the boat. It’s a rare view for me to see the sunset surrounded by the little islands from Komodo archipelago. The thought of just chillin’ on the boat, the sunset vibe basically made me forget all my worries.

Nomad life #goodtimes



Day 2: Pink Beach – Manta Point

Pink Beach

We sailed to Pink Beach and had our boat stopped far from the coastline, so we need to swim. But when I started swimming, the ocean stream was very hard and I was going nowhere, I was even pushed by the stream to the opposite direction. Luckily, I can still swim my way back to the boat and found a guy who offered us a boat to ride a canoe to cross to Pink Beach.

My expectation towards the Pink sands in Pink Beach wasn’t really met. The beach’s Pink colour aren’t that obvious. We decided to take a hike up the hill to see a panoramic view of the beach. We hiked for around 15-20 minutes and it was worth it!

The sight from where we hiked

You can also do snorkeling here with decent view here in Pink Beach, we changed this plan since the waves currently has strong current.
Manta Point
Mainta Point is the spot where you can swim with Manta Rays. But then, our boat’s machine broke down, so we needed to wait for a couple of hours for it to call for help from other boats nearby and get it fixed.
That’s when we know we’re stranded in the middle of the ocean
At least we’re surrounded by light blue ocean and had his small stranded Island near to us, waiting doesn’t seem to be that much of pain anymore. But after waited for hours, we were anxious since it’s getting closer to the evening and we need to go to Gili Laba to be able to catch the view before dark. Thankfully, the boat went on just in time and we immediately sail to Gili Laba before the sun sets.
Sabrina Anggraini