4D3N Sailing Komodo Adventure – Part II

East Nusa Tenggara , Travel Guide , West Nusa Tenggara / October 6, 2015


Day 2: Gili Laba

Gili Laba

This was ultimately the must-go (and about to be mainstream) spot. We were really nervous about whether we have the chance of getting here before the it’s dark. You need to climb up to the top first. And the climb is worth it! This spot has the most breathtaking view ever.
Gili Laba was our last destination in East Nusa Tenggara before taking a long journey to the west. From here, we’re going to start our non-stop sailing trip for 16 hours. During the night, the waves were really harsh it’s best to just sleep it off.


Day 3: Entering West Nusa Tenggara; Moyo Island – Satonda Island 

Moyo Island

We’re finally entered West Nusa Tenggara area. When most people has the Gili Laba spot or Pink Beach as their favorit spot, I actually loved Moyo Island since it really has this enchanting tropical vibe. Fun fact, Moyo Island turns out to be the place where International public figures, like Lady Diana and Bill Gates spent their vacation. It is located in the north of Sumbawa.
The funny thing I just realized is that I haven’t took a bath since I’m on board this ship (more like, refusing taking one since we can only take a bath with salt water). Good news is that there is fresh water in Moyo Island!
So our goal in Moyo was simple: taking a bath (using swimwear of course!), sponsored by mother nature
By the time of our arrival, our boat couldn’t stop right at the Island’s border as the corals are very steep. So we needed to swim in order to get to the island, not forgetting to bring our bag of shampoos and soap.
Moyo Island was like a wild tropical jungle, rather it’s still not littered and a natural beauty. The place you can explore here is Mata Jito Waterfall. To go there, we need todo trekking through the forest. The trail to get there isn’t paved well yet, so be careful while walking as we will walk through several rocks or branches that may not be friendly if you’re wearing flip flops. Make sure you prepare to use either mountain sandals for a more comfortable trek if you don’t wanna risk your sandals.
On our way to the boat, we find that the small lake near the coast is the perfect place to enjoy raw water for the last time and enjoy sunset. So we took another shampoo on take a “bath” while seeing the sun set. I guess it’s legit to say incredibly the craziest yet most awesome shower I’ve ever had!
We crossed back to the boat using a small row boat, hoping not the fall to the sea again and ruin our effort to take a bath.

Satonda Island

Satonda is famous for its salt water lake in the middle of the island located near to the shoreline. It’s rather more touristy than all the islands we’ve visited before. Getting to Satonda lake is easy since the trail is paved already, we just needed to walk a bit further from the entrance gate and stairs. You can also do snorkeling here on the sea near the coastline of the island.


Day 4: End of Sailing Trip 

After 4 crazy day, Komodo sailing trip ends at West Nusa Tenggara. We arrived at Bangsal Harbour, Lombok.
From this trip, we decided to give a one last closing to our wonderful journey adventure by crossing to Gili Trawangan. Gili Trawangan is one of the Gili island located near Lombok island. so we just waited at a nearby restaurant to charge our electronics (yes, it’s a must for milennials). See the story for Gili Trawangan here.
As I look back, this adventure made me realize how crazy beautiful Indonesia’s nature is! 
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