A Run Around Gili Trawangan Island

Travel Guide , West Nusa Tenggara / October 7, 2015

The biggest mistake anyone can make in Gili Trawangan is to stay just for a night. And I made exactly that mistake.
Are you getting bored of Bali? Want to go someplace new, but at the same time still has the same vibes Bali would offer? Try taking a short escape to Gili Islands in Lombok, that is Gili Trawangan.
Gili Trawangan is a “happening” Island located across Lombok, Indonesia. In Gili Trawangan, you can find a perfect mixture of heaving streets while still got to experience the nature and Island life vibes. Even when it’s already packed with people—especially tourist—I personally feel Gili Trawangan still has more untouched natural beauty and authentic resorts.
Since I’m only staying here for one night, I simply wanted to share my perspective when I ran a leap around Gili Trawangan Island! Yes, the size of the island is only 3 km long and 2 km wide. It took me just around 1 hour to run around the island while observing my surroundings. What I saw in short: Blue Sea, Villas that got me picturing my friends havin a good time, luxurious resorts were all the sight I got to see and touristy till antique shops. Oh! Don’t forget enjoying the breath-taking sunset as in front of the iconic swing above the ocean shore.
Here are the highlights that greeted me as I took a leap around the small Island!

Starting Point: Ombak Sunset Hotel


End Point: Sunset at Ombak Sunset Hotel

I was enjoying too much sightseeing on the road when I realise that the sun is about to set! I don’t want to miss seeing my last sunset of this Sailing Trip experience. I decided to see the sunset from Ombak Sunset Hotel’s point of view, and take some time to shot in front of the iconic swing beforehand. I literally ran until I sweat my eye balls out, despite the fact that I’m already tired enough by running around the island.

Classic Swing Shot

Go to the classic Gili Trawangan “swing shot” at Datuk Swing, Ombak Sunset resort, make sure you managed your time right as during peak seasons, most of the time a lot of people already queued just to take a picture with the sunset.
Never miss a sunset in Gili Trawangan, especially in the swing in the middle of the ocean.
Wait for the perfect moment to take a shot on the swing during the setting sun.
I decided to skip the long queue in order to get my perfect sunset shot, and here I am (looks better when you don’t have someone to take a photo with right? #SingleLadies)


How to Get There

Arrived at Gili Trawangan using fast boat

Main entrance

You can ride a boat to cross from Lombok to Gili Islands in Bangsal Harbour, Lombok. The harbour is really packed with tourists so take care of your belongings. You can take note first the safe way to be in the harbour as a tourist to make the best out of your trip (http://www.gilitrawangan.asia/tips_aman_wisatawan_di_pelabuhan_bangsal_lombok.php – in Indonesian).
There are two transportation options to go to Gili Trawangan:
  1. Use the Slow Boat (Made from woods)

This boat roughly costs Rp 15.000/person. It will need the boat to fill in first before it’s able to depart to Gili Trawangan. Length of ride is around 45 minutes. The downside of this boat is that if the waves are currently big, you can feel more shaky, so be careful if you are easily seasick. But of course this is the most budget-friendly option there is.

  1. Use a Fast Boat

This is the faster way to get accross because it will only took around 15 minutes to get there. The cost of the trip is around Rp 85.000/person. The boat is scheduled to depart every 1 hour. 3. Rent a Boat If you’re going with a group, you can rent one boat for your group (this will highly depend on where you will rent the boat, I didn’t really ask a lot of people to take conclusion of the average price range! :p)

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