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5 Things You Can Do in Old Trafford Stadium When You're Not Watching a Match

13 Nov 2017 · 11 min read

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    Old Trafford Stadium, The Theatre of Dreams

    If you are a Manchester United Football Club fan, this place must be the holy place for you. But whether you are a MU fan or a casual traveler, Old Trafford is definitely a must see spot in UK. Me myself, I am not a big fan of football, but the whole experience and sightseeing was totally a great deal (thanks to #UnitedByHCL event organizers!). FYI, it’s the largest football stadium in UK.

    1. Joining Manchester United Museum and Tour 


    Football has never been my top line of interest, but the tour itself was memorable. You can feel the vibes and atmosphere of people cheering for their favorite club; the unwavering spirit of victory from the players; and many more. 

    What does the tour consists of?
    • Museum tour, where you can literally explore the history of the football club
    • Going through the actual areas used by the football team including the team’s changing room, foot court, until Press Release Room. They will also tell you the story behind every location. 
    • Last but not least, have access to the Old Trafford stadium
    • Get yourself certificate

    You need to book first via their website to grab your ticket for the tour. Again, it’s only open outside of match days. 


    FYI, there are several kinds of tours available. Check out the website to see more intense ones like Unique Tours. You can actually take a canal barge from Manchester city centre around the Salford Quays area before embarking on a tour of Old Trafford. Pretty epic, right? 


    The Stadium


    Sir Alex Ferguson Stand

    Yeah, this is the core of Old Trafford. The stadium is divided into four stands, Sir Alex Ferguson Stand, Sir Bobby Charlton Stand, West Stand and East Stand. I can’t believe I’m witnessing myself the largest football stadium in United Kingdom and 4th largest in Europe. And you know what? They’re currently still looking opportunities to expand their capacity! 

    From the VIP seat

    Along the tour, there will be a time where we were told to make a straight line before going outside the hall to the stadium. At that moment we’re told to come out of the gates. The tour leader told us “Ready; 1, 2, 3!” and bam! They played the actual theme song they usually play every time the football players are about to step off the stadium for the match.

    Coming out from the gates


    Can you see the mosaic of seats displaying the stand’s colloquial name?


    MU Players’ Changing Room

    Yep, you’ll get to visit the atmosphere of the soaked players’ dressing room. Uniform with the player’s name were also hanged around the changing room, though it’s just a replica. 
    Our tour leader also described to us the usual situation inside the changing room before or after the match, like briefing about their game strategy on the white board displayed in the middle of the room. 

    Basement Food Court

    So many corners or statues of the football legend, Sir Alex Ferguson; one of the most influential football manager in the history of MU. How couldn’t he be? During his 26 years with MU (1986 to 2013), he was the one that made the team achieve 38 trophies, including 13 Premier League titles, five FA Cups and two UEFA Champions League titles.

    Press Conference Room 


    Pictures of how MU supports fans with disability


    2. Take A Picture In Front of the Trinity Statue



    Go in front of the main entrance stadium and take a picture in front of the Trinity Statue. Or as they call it..  the Holy Trinity. These 3 guys refers to MU’s George Best, Denis Law, and Sir Bobby Charlton who helped United become the first ever English club team to win the European Cup in 1968. 



    3. Get yourself an official Museum Tour Certificate or Create a Personalized Gift


    Le free certificate


    If you have taken a Museum & Tour experience (see my first point in this post), you can actually get yourself a certificate for free in the souvenir shop.. You can only redeem this on the day you have done your tour, so be sure to come before the souvenir store closes! The certificate can customize your name and will display the date where you held the tour, not a bad way to recall the memories someday, eh?

    For those whose willing to pay, you can get yourself a personalized gift like a mugs, frames and more. This can also be a way to give souvenirs to your loved ones back home.


    The counter where you can get your certificate inside the souvenir shop


    Graciously posing with the certificate upside down 🙂 🙂


    4. Buy Original MU Goodies in Souvenir Shop

    This must be heaven for MU’s fans. In the shop, you can buy stuff from official jerseys, until key chains that starts from 4 Pounds. I personally love the Manchester United Old Trafford Scarf since it’s a unique stuff for me to remember this place later.


    5. Go to Red Cafe 

    Adding lunch to your itinerary here is OK too since you can go to Red Cafe to grab something to eat. They served stuffs from The Double (Two 4oz prime beef burgers with tomato relish, salsa & dill pickle.), The Veggie, Thai Green Curry until the classic Fish and Chips. Oh, kids under 5 can eat for free. 
    Here are the opening hours:
    Menu available from 9:00 – 11:00
    Coffee Bar open from 9:00 – 16:30
    Restaurant open 11:00 -16:00
    This cafe too, is also not open on match days.

    How to Get to Old Trafford Stadium

    Ride the train and stop in Old Trafford Tram Station, and walk for around 15 minutes through Brian Statham Way and Warwirck Road.


    Cheers from Old Trafford,

    Sabrina Anggraini

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