Discovering The Beatles Footprints in Liverpool

Travel Guide , United Kingdom / December 24, 2017

From inside the one-hour bus from Manchester, I came to Liverpool with one question tingling in my head;
What’s one unique thing I can explore in this city?
Since initially I wanted to just visit my old friend and hang around the city, I haven’t really took the time to explore the itinerary of what to do in Liverpool. A quick browsing got me thinking. Liverpool Football Club Stadium? Hmm, not really a fan. The seaside attractions? Hmm, sounds like something… but just OK. 
But as I entered Liverpool and gotten near to the city center, I realize there’s one answer for that question.
Explore The Beatles’ footprints!

In front of the Beatles Statue

On my way towards the city center, I started seeing some The Beatles Themed cafe, shops, monuments, and such. Yes, Liverpool is known as the birthplace of the “four lads who shook the world”. They didn’t only made music and be successful at it, but they did shaped pop culture in the music scene. 
I immediately tried browsing for places related to the band. Well I have to say, there is still a lot that I haven’t explored. But I guess this list can be an ultimate 4 must-visit places to explore The Beatles’ footprints for starters

1. The Beatles Story



If you’re not a Beatlemania—that’s what they call the hardcore Beatle fans with—you haven’t really discovered the awesomeness of the band without visiting The Beatles Story.


So for newbies, start off this one.


The name itself has spoken, in this museum you can get an understanding of how the band really changed Pop Culture. I don’t mean by learning history through boring exhibitions with lengthy paragraph descriptions, but by going through what I’d like to call… a time tunnel

On the entrance booth, we’re given an audio tour device and free to take time here for as long as we want to. I spent around 2 hours here. I can’t help to listen and observe, since every section has an interesting story to offer.  



The Beatles Journey

The time tunnel made me see the big picture of how The Beatles really shaped pop culture. We went through each of the story in a timely manner. From understanding the context of the era they’re living in when they’re formed—which is the middle of World War II—Lennon’s first guitar, how the band met, their first gig on Cavern Club, their expansion to United States (PS: You can actually see how CRAZY Beatlemania really was back then!). It then continued with their album journey from the Magical Mystery Tour, Yellow Submarine, and more.

But the story doesn’t stop there, you will also also encounter stories of how the band break up, until what kind of lives that each of the member lived with after that.



The Ferris Wheel right in front of the museum


The Illustration of Cavern Club stage back in the days (Well, it doesn’t look too different from the real one today!)


Who knew a man + a guitar + pure talent combined can change the world.


A work of art


Yellow Submarine era

Lennon’s room


Budget: Adult – £15.95


2. The Cavern Club


This is the fun part.
Cavern Club is known as the first place where The Beatles held their first ever gig. The club really has a different vibe. It’s not only filled with young people, but also old people, since its history indeed cannot be separated. That’s why Cavern Club really has that nostalgic feeling that relates to a lot of people.
It was not only The Beatles who had left their footprints, this club was also the place where famous bands perform, starting from The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Queen, The Kinks, until recent artists such as Arctic Monkeys, Adele, and a lot more…
Indeed, it’s an icon.

What can you find here today?

Well, every night, they held a live music playing almost any song you can imagine. By the time I went there, someone was playing Oasis songs (boy am I lucky!) singing Wonderwall and Don’t Look Back in Anger. 

Live music vibe


 Budget: £ 2.50 – 5.00 (Entrance only)

3. The Rest of Mathew Street

I haven’t mentioned that Cavern Club is located on Mathew Street. But along the street, there are also related bars and pubs that refers to The Beatles. It’s like a memory lane.

But it’s also a loud and busy street. Especially at night, where it’s packed with partying locals and tourists. When it’s daytime, you can find shopping centers here as well.


4. Last but not least, The Beatles Statue


This statue is located in front of the Liverpool waterfront, near to National Museums Liverpool. It’s an official tribute by John Lennon’s sister, Julia Baird to the band. And yes, you can take a picture with the statue!

In front of the Beatles Statue

Budget: Free (You have to pay it with your patience to queue for taking a picture!)
Bonus; found some epic Beatles-formed candies in Albert Dock. Can you believe this Beatles is made out of jelly bean candies?
Sabrina Anggraini