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One Day East Busan Itinerary (Part 2): Haeundae Beach & Market + Best Sushi in Town

15 Mar 2018 · 8 min read

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    From Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, we took a one hour bus ride to Haeundae Beach—the most famous beach in Busan.

    Haundae Beach (해운대해수욕장)

    Who knew that the famous Haeundae Beach lies in-between tall skyscrapers? Located in Haeundae District neighborhood, this beach is surrounded by office buildings, luxurious hotels, malls, and restaurants. 

    Street performance by this lady in Haeundae Beach, her voice was really good


    Due to its fame, Haeundae Beach was very crowded with tourist and locals, not to mention it was Saturday. From families, a group of friends, couples, a lot of people played along the beach despite the cold wind. They say that it’s not even rare for office workers to head to the beach with suits to refresh their mind after a day’s work! 

    The scene of the crowded beach

    I underestimated this place at first, as I was impressed at how clean and soft the sands are! 


    What can you do in Haeundae Beach?

    Like any other public beach, besides enjoying yourself along the coastline, visitors are also allowed to swim on the ocean. Nearby, you can visit Even Sea Life Busan Aquarium, rent a yachting dock, or visit Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO). 


    Heundae Beach offered the panoramic combination of the sea, white sands and skyscrapers all in one frame.

    A couple playing along with each other.

    Outfit of the day


    Magic trick performance by the beach.

    Another quirky magic trick.

    Posing with mom! 🙂


    Walk a little bit further to find Dongbaekseom Island (동백공원) area. No, it’s not an island you need to go using a boat, yet it’s just a recreation park located by the Haeundae coastline. You can take another public transportation from Haeundae Beach for around 35 minutes.


    Coming to the beach using winter clothes

    Visiting a beach using winter clothes became a new experience for me—as beach are always associated with the summer heat. Even though I’ve visited the beach during late winter a.k.a. March, it still looked decent, only with a breezing cold wind and extra cold sea water. 



    Haeundae Beach is FREE of ticket entrance fees.


    How To Get There

    From Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

    – From Yonggungsa temple National Fisheries Research & Development Institute, take the green bus no. #100 or #181.

    – After 18 stops, you will arrive at Haeundae Beach stop.

    – From the bus stop, walk for around 10 minutes to the beach.


    Eat: Haundae Market


    Near to Haeundae Beach, you will find Haeundae Traditional Market (부산 해운대전통시장). It’s an authentic market where you can mostly find fresh seafood and street foods. You can also even buy handicrafts. I didn’t spend a lot of time here though as my stomach is crumbling and craving for something even better… which is on my next destination!



    Eat: Dongbaek’s Sushi Berry

    This place is not well known to tourist, but famous to locals. If you’re a sushi lover, then this has to be on top of your list!

    Sushi Berry is known for it’s large portions and reasonable prices. The place is quite small, so there is not many seats so if it’s crowded, sometimes you may need to wait.

    The sushi indeed tasted so fresh

    One sushi roll portion

    The roll portion are big, and the sushi is fresh. My personal favorite on the menu is Philadelphia Roll (12,000₩), Rainbow Roll (13,000₩) and St. Louis Roll (10,000₩). We ate one roll menu together with my family of five, and we are already full with four roll portions.
    Besides sushi, there’s also udon and tempura. The owner can also speak English, so language barrier will not be a problem.


    Again, I’ve mentioned that this place is known for its reasonable price. Price of one roll portion starts from 7,000-14,000₩/portion. There is also sushi set consisting of 10-15pcs of various sushi starts from 18,000₩/set.


    How To Get There

    – From Haeundae Market, go to Haeundae Station and head directly to Dongbaek Station using Line 2 (no stops).

    – From Dongbaek Station, go to exit 2.

    – From the station, walk for around 15 minutes to the Sushi Berry.



    955-4 U 1(il)-dong, Haeundae, Busan, South Korea


    Opening hours

    12 pm – 3 p.m and 5 p.m. to 9 p.m

    Closed every other Monday




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    Made with by Sabrina Anggraini