I always think that I’m neither special, talented nor especially gifted—I’m just very curious. 

My name is Sabrina Anggraini, and I guess if I’m not residing in Indonesia then my blog wouldn’t turn out to be like this. I love how my country is so diverse in terms of like anything, but I also loved how amazingly unlimited natural and cultural wonders are available in this world.


How It All Started

I started this blog just as a personal online diary that I don’t even care to brag to tell it other people. Until I realise some people repetitively asked me about how I did my itinerary when I go to a certain place, travel tips, and such. Then I started to think it would be better if I could just wrote it down and let everyone read it altogether. My interest in design and storytelling then hallucinated me to put these ingredients into one tiny piece of dust in the world wide web called The Classic Wanderer as my creative medium.

My mind is indeed as messy as my computer’s desktop folders, but I’m sure I’m trying my best to organise this so called sugar, spice and everything nice (aka my thoughts, experience and awesome people I’ve met) into a piece of story that I actually hope will somewhat be useful.



What You Can Find in This Blog

You be the judge. I’m all about stories from local perspective, travel guides, travel itinerary, travel tips, travel style, my thoughts—anything. My topics can range from travel, adventure until Indonesian culture (I’m trying my best not to present it like a history class). All opinions are of my own. Caution: you may find some tacky or cringe-worthy stories here. That’s just me being myself. 

I hope this blog can be useful for anyone who’s planning to explore a certain place. And most importantly, hope it can inspire people to wander on their next adventure.


Virtual Coffee?

Feedbacks are like the chicken skin to my flip burger, it made everything way better even though you can’t get enough of it. But unlike Mr Krab’s Kraby Patty, I’m continuously finding the secret recipe to my burger. Hence your feedbacks/comments are valuable for me. Also if you have any questions regarding a destination, want to know more detailed about some itinerary, or simply got something to say, hit me up — sabrina.w.anggraini@gmail.com


PS  you can find me elsewhere in Instagram or LinkedIn, x