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Hi, welcome to my website! Where should I start?

Let me start with one fact that most people may not expect about me: I used to be this gamer.

I am an avid geek (yes, not a past tense because am still very much so). The only reason I stopped playing games because I am concerned by how addicting it was. When I was a kid, I spend extra savings from my very little pocket money to go to an internet cafe after school instead of shopping at the mall. That internet cafe is where I was first exposed to the world called the Internet. It was the 2000s, where the dot com bubble happened and the internet exploded. After creating my first Friendster and making friends online with people I never directly meet before, I am in awe of how technology can be a tool really create something awesome. I thought to myself, I wanted to create something cool with tech even when I don’t exactly what. I don’t know how a kid can ever dream that, but let me tell ya, manifestation can turn to be really powerful.

That manifestation brought me to enter Computer Science at Universitas Gadjah Mada upon graduating high school. I learned that to succeed one time, you need to want to fail 100 times since after I loosed in a local web design competition, my team and I won a competition Global Winner of Code for Resilience by World Bank in London in 2014. It was the first time I stepped foot in the United Kingdom, a country I never dreamt of being able to go to at a very young age. Oh – and it’s for free, that’s when I realize that your capability can take you places.

One thing I learned from that first journey: The world is so huge. Don’t settle to be inside your box. That motivated me to move.

In the same year, my team and I won Best Public Safety App by AT&T and IBM in Silicon Valley. It was my first time in the valley, the center of technology, this 19-year-old kid really cannot digest how awesome it is now. God even granted us the opportunity to met Tim Cook himself. When we shamelessly took out our Android phone for a picture, he said to us “Oops, wrong phone.” and we laughingly apologize and finally took this pic using an iPhone.

I love getting involved in my hobbies. I love to play the piano, my love for culture led me to join Sanggar Kesenian Aceh UGM where we got to represent Indonesia as the winner in Prague Stars in Czech Republic and Sabah International Folklore Festival in Malaysia. This exposure really did and consequently Runner Up of Most Outstanding Student of UGM (Mahasiswa Berprestasi) in 2015.

I started my career working as a Product Designer in a travel tech company in Indonesia where I got to really work with really smart people. By smart, I mean really smart where some even the same frequency of ‘receh’ jokes. Thanks for inspiring me. Not only stopping there, I also worked with some of my team in the past in the basement of the build where we work and won 2nd Winner of Best Application by United by HCL (Manchester United) in Manchester, the UK in 2018. What I remembered more than the winning title was the experience staying overnight at Old Trafford. After the competition, I decided to go spontaneously reschedule my flight and go on a Solo Travel Adventure in the United Kingdom.

I became a TV host for Jejak Petualang, an award-winning travel program broadcasted weekly on TRANS7, a national TV station. Does it seem random?  I traveled to crazy adventures from spending more than 24 hours attending an annual festival in Kalimantan, catching a Tuna fish bigger than me in the middle of the Sulawesi Sea, and even joining local people catch pigs in Mahakam Ulu River (literally). Longboat hours, getting bitten by creepy insects, swimming in the middle of the sea with the locals was normal to me. I must say, this program is a school of life, it really TOUGHEN me up! Being able to be a part of this program is a dream come true. A lot of people asked me: Oh, how is a girl doing all of that?! But I truly enjoyed the struggles and the fun, I say women can do what they want.

Long story short, I am now leading my dream that I once dreamt of in the internet cafe years ago and thankfully managed to translate it into a much more concrete form; leading and working alongside my Natuno team to help companies escalate their impact through better digital product design and software. It is funny to finally become a part of Tony Stark’s alma mater at Massachusetts Institute of Technology to continue the pursuit of this dream.

It’s safe to say that this is just the beginning.


If I need to describe how I see life, it is an endless adventure and exploration.

It is a collection of moments.

Like all travels, we can agree that it’s not about the destination but about the people you meet along the way.

With that, I am eternally grateful for the people that have been a part of my journey; my parents, sisters, colleagues, closest friends, teachers, mentors, and those who have been a part of my journey. You know who you are.

My mission in this platform, or other channels, is to not only document the moments but to bring you the learnings I got for each part of my journey.

I hope I don’t bore you right here now before I turn this introductory page into a novel, even though I already tried my best to cut it to only mention some highlights. This is just the beginning, but I hope you’ll keep following me on this journey!


Sabrina Anggraini

Your avid Geek and Adventurer

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