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  • Personal Journal / April 12, 2015

    [Repost Inspirasi UGM] Mahasiswa Berprestasi UGM 2015

    Repost from Inspirasi UGM:   It was an awesome once-in-a-lifetime experience in my college years. This actually started out by a random push from my faculty to represent my major! I was never really confident and I think this university always has the brightest students.   From the selection of faculty representatives, top 10 […]

  • Personal Journal,United States / December 23, 2014

    Tim Cook is Awesome

      (After moments of valuable chit chat in Palo Alto with Tim Cook, CEO of Apple—that Apple, I can’t believe it too—passed by) 👱(One of us): Ok, so can we get a picture together? 👨 (Tim Cook)‍: Yeah sure! 👱: (Let’s out Huawei Android phone) 👨‍: Wrong phone (lol) 👱👩‍*: Awkward moment*  👩‍ (Me, acting like a […]