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  • United Kingdom / November 25, 2018

    8 Awesome Places You Shouldn’t Miss On Your First Visit to Edinburgh

      Edinburgh, a city in Scotland that went beyond my expectation. It’s a modern capital city, but it has a classic old town vibe with beautiful architecture on every corners of the city.   As a first timer in Edinburgh, I took two days to explore the city.   Turns out, I discovered a lot of places in […]

  • Personal Journal,United Kingdom / November 15, 2018

    I Got To Sleep Overnight in Manchester United’s Old Trafford Because of This IT Competition

      If you’ve seen my solo travel in UK posts during 2017, this competition is the reason why I’m there. #UnitedByHCL is a hackathon designed by Manchester United Football Club Innovation Team, along with their partners. Basically there are a lot of topics in the competition. But coming from a design background, our team decided to […]

  • My 2017 Best Nine Travel Stories That Gave Me Some Life Lessons

      2017 merupakan tahun yang banyak naik dan turunnya. Banyak sekali tantangan, suka dan duka yang membuatku mempertanyakan banyak hal setiap harinya.    Ditengah itu semua, traveling menjadi salah satu cara untuk membuat diriku tetap “waras”. Bukan, bukan untuk lari dari kenyataan, melainkan pergi untuk pulang membawa bekal. Baik itu dalam bentuk cerita, momen yang terekam dalam foto (pastinya!), perspektif dan ilmu […]

  • Travel Guide,United Kingdom / December 24, 2017

    Discovering The Beatles Footprints in Liverpool

    From inside the one-hour bus from Manchester, I came to Liverpool with one question tingling in my head;   What’s one unique thing I can explore in this city? Since initially I wanted to just visit my old friend and hang around the city, I haven’t really took the time to explore the itinerary of what to do in Liverpool. A quick […]

  • Music in Manchester: The Smiths Salford Lads Club & Northern Quarter

    Manchester, the city where legendary British bands like The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Oasis, The Chemical Brothers, and many more was born. Most of these bands have made their mark on Manchester and the world. While there are many historical musical heritages that connects with their stories around town, during my solo trip I wanted to get a closer look into […]

  • Travel Guide,United Kingdom / November 19, 2017

    24 Hours in Manchester On A Budget

      It was morning when our plane arrived in the city well known for its metropolitan borough, Manchester. Some slight mishap happened to our luggage, which made its arrival delayed by 24 hours. We were left with nothing but a small hand carry bag and a heart full of adventure. And here we are in Manchester […]

  • Travel Guide,United Kingdom / November 13, 2017

    5 Things You Can Do in Old Trafford Stadium When You’re Not Watching a Match

      Old Trafford Stadium, The Theatre of Dreams If you are a Manchester United Football Club fan, this place must be the holy place for you. But whether you are a MU fan or a casual traveler, Old Trafford is definitely a must see spot in UK. Me myself, I am not a big fan of football, […]

  • Travel Guide,United Kingdom / October 7, 2017

    Pretty Pink Dinner in Sketch London

      When London became my next stop, I knew I was seeking for a unique experience beyond just going to Big Ben and London Eye. And luckily I found the answer, because Sketch London is one of the best stylish and quirky restaurants in town that can give you that unique experience. Sketch is a place designed by David […]

  • Travel Guide,United Kingdom / October 1, 2017

    Dean Village: The Most Picturesque Part of Edinburgh

    My bad. Every corner of Edinburgh is picturesque. But Dean Village offers something different from the Edinburgh city life. You can actually hear the bird chirping, the continuous water streams from the river and a peace and quiet atmosphere. This hidden gem has the vibe of a countryside and it’s not even far away from the city centre, which is just around 15-30 […]

  • Travel Guide,United Kingdom / September 30, 2017

    Walking the Harry Potter Trail in Edinburgh (And it’s Free!)

    Edinburgh is such a captivating and classic capital city located at the heart of Scotland. Little did I know that there are some traces of Harry Potter around this city. But how does Edinburgh relate to Harry Potter, you may ask?   It’s known to be the city where JK Rowling got most of the inspiration when writing Harry […]