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  • United States / December 28, 2014

    City Perspective: Washington DC

    The unique feeling when you’re hopping state to state in the United States is that every state represents different vibes. Washington D.C, is considered to be my favorite. We were visiting Washington DC post for the visit to World Bank Headquarters Office. We arrived in Washington D.C after a 6-hours bus ride from New York […]

  • Culture,United States / December 26, 2014

    Christmas in New York

    If there’s one time that you’d want to come to New York, it’s definitely during christmas time (well, despite the cold temperature that took me as a prisoner). While a lot of concerns in the city was fun, you’d better go to 30 Rock Street to enjoy the best of christmas attractions. During my visit, the crowd of people was also […]

  • Personal Journal,United States / December 23, 2014

    Tim Cook is Awesome

      (After moments of valuable chit chat in Palo Alto with Tim Cook, CEO of Apple—that Apple, I can’t believe it too—passed by) 👱(One of us): Ok, so can we get a picture together? 👨 (Tim Cook)‍: Yeah sure! 👱: (Let’s out Huawei Android phone) 👨‍: Wrong phone (lol) 👱👩‍*: Awkward moment*  👩‍ (Me, acting like a […]