AIESEC Global Lead Summit 2014 in Padang, Indonesia

Personal Journal , West Sumatera / September 1, 2014

AIESEC believes that leadership is the ultimate skill needed to fill in the gap between today’s problem and solution. That is why Global Lead Summit 2014 was held; with an aim in evolving the awareness and development of leadership should be implement in young people, especially for those outside our our organization as AIESEC.
This conference was arranged by AIESEC UNAND (Universitas Andalas), a Local Committee from Padang. GLS took place in Hayam Wuruk Hotel from 14-16th August 2014, Padang, Sumatera Barat.
Attended by selected delegates from 13 different countries including Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, The Philippines, Pakistan, Egypt, Canada. I am present in the conference as Facilitator for this International Conference. So, it was also an honor and amazing opportunity for me. A life changing experience as it was a challenge.

As a youth, the future generation who are going to shape the future of the world, we have a huge opportunity to fix those problems and make the world a better place. One of the solution is through leadership. This conference served starting from:

  • Understanding essence of leadership in the world
  • To discover how to develop our own leadership skills to being aware of self-leadership so that it can lead us to real actions
  • How we can narrow our vision as a leader to actions that are relevant and needed in this world — to fix the world’s Global Issues and give a positive impact to the society



The Faci team! We all came from diverse backgrounds, starting from Jakarta/Jogja (me), Dea from Malang, Alaa from Egypt, bang Aldo from Padang, bang Gatot from Padang/Jakarta and James from Malaysia.


It was insightful how in 3 days we can share knowledge regarding leadership; starting from sessions that has the most interactive games until serious discussions and presentations, answering global top leader challenges, test the delegates’ capability in working in a team through activities including Amazing Race, sharing our cultural diversity in Global Village, and various others!
Not only we got the chance to introduce our culture as Indonesian, I got to also discover culture I never knew of before through this Global Village.
Thanks for all the memories, everyone. I am especially cherished to see remarks on how memorable this conference is for us, because it is for me too. Thanks for all the Chair, Faci team for teaming up together in order to conduct and deliver the sessions in best ways as possible, the CCs who have amazingly arranged this Global Conference and maintain a good hospitality, and of course AIESEC UNAND for trusting me to be the chance to be a Facilitator in this conference. Enabling this conference for youth to experience it has already created an infestation for the future. Lastly to the wonderful delegates for participating—who gets to be open in showing their dreams, aspirations and bond with others, getting the time to reflect, decide and share their dreams, and everyone who have contributed in making this conference happened this way.
This is just one of the platforms AIESEC—the world’s largest youth-run organization that focuses on developing leadership in young people—provide to take action in making leaders for the future. Other platforms for instance in my home LC, AIESEC UGM are now opening for new member recruitment. That could be the opportunity for youth in Universitas Gadjah Mada, too! For youth in all over Yogyakarta can also develop that leadership through our Global Youth Ambassador program.
Sure, it’s only 3 days, but it’s definitely the days I’m going to forever keep in mind. It is being hoped that after this, everyone can implement the leadership knowledge they have and be dare enough to make a positive change to this world through each of their vision. Remember that every hopes and dreams we write in this conference are going to be a space to be reflected back in the future. I do hope to see everyone in other parts of the world next time! X



(..and more Padang babes I didn’t get to combine your picture to/take picture with!)


Till another great adventure,

Sabrina Anggraini