4 Types of People That Will Love Myeongdong

South Korea / December 2, 2014

Amidst the hectic schedule during Jakarta Sister City Program to Seoul, I know I gotta make time to explore some of Seoul’s highlights when I have the chance. I have one junior high school friend that happen to take college in Seoul, and it is legit to say that she won’t be there without me. Why? Simply because during my K-Pop-obsessed high school years, I was the one who introduced her to K-Pop stuffs, basically cute Korean guys.
Now when I’m no more obsessed with those K-Pop stars, she still finds her love of Korean culture until she finds her way to study in this country. Even so, she gets to follow her passion to study in a major she loves here that is in Film & Media industry. Hey, at least it’s legit to say I’ve changed someone’s life! :p

When you see one of your favorite SNSD member, Kwon Yuri’s birthday banner from fans on the subway


Strolling around in Myeongdong Street became such a fun catch up time with her. Myeongdong is definitely packed with people at night. There are 5 criteria for people who will definitely love Myeongdong. If you are:
1. street food savvy – you will find a diverse of Korean street food. For example, Korean blood sausage (Sundae), Grilled chicken skewers (Dakkochi), Milky Bee Rose Ice Cream, Rice Cake in spicy sweet sauce (Ddeokbokki), and more. I unfortunately didn’t take a picture of each and one of the street food, only with the Deep Fried Potato Ring or Hweori Gamja.
2. A make up lover – I guess the time where I spend the most for make up is definitely in Seoul! I myself is not the type that obsessed to buy specific products for my make up, but more to natural type and rely on the makeup basics – powder, eyebrow pencil, blush on and lipstick. But I this time, really enjoyed strolling around in search for the right make up/body care. But do take caution that even if it’s busy, stores already closes at 10 PM.
3. A shopaholic – This is a heaven for Korean OOTDs! The price was relatively average too. Beware of the language barrier between the staffs in the shops and street foods. You may have a tough time to determine what some of the foods are comprised of, like it’s Halal or not (free from pork). So it’s recommended study some basic Korean language, or even just type it on Google Translate in your phone (lol).
4. A K-Pop fan –  Honestly it’s just because their faces as brand ambassadors are all over the place.
It was a fun night to have reunion with your best bud slash ex-K-Pop fangirl friend since junior high school in Seoul
Sabrina Anggraini