Christmas in New York

Culture , United States / December 26, 2014

If there’s one time that you’d want to come to New York, it’s definitely during christmas time (well, despite the cold temperature that took me as a prisoner).

While a lot of concerns in the city was fun, you’d better go to 30 Rock Street to enjoy the best of christmas attractions. During my visit, the crowd of people was also crazy it can swallow you from the sight of your friends.

All of the best christmas vibes were located just outside Rockefeller Building, here’s where you can enjoy the most out of it:

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree – If you have watched the movie home alone, you’ll recognise this is the huge christmas tree immediately. It was beautiful but very touristy though.

Rockefeller Building “Top of the Rock” – Your visit can be even more perfect by going to this “Must-Visit tourist attraction”. The securities were very friendly too. It’s breathtaking to see New York’s city lights at night from the top, including the Empire State Building. It can be freezing because of the night wind out there though. Who would’ve thought the busiest street could seem so calming from here.

Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center I didn’t get to try this out but seeing the rink with people skating there alone was already an interesting sight to see. 

Christmas Light Show  Hats off. This was pure magic!


“There is no more beautiful place to be at Christmas than New York City.” – Mike Roth



Sabrina Anggraini