City Perspective: Washington DC

United States / December 28, 2014

The unique feeling when you’re hopping state to state in the United States is that every state represents different vibes. Washington D.C, is considered to be my favorite.

We were visiting Washington DC post for the visit to World Bank Headquarters Office. We arrived in Washington D.C after a 6-hours bus ride from New York at 5 AM in the morning. Closed stores fills the still-dark pathway as we walk through from where the bus stopped till the train station. When people were starting to show up, there were one or two people every minute walking by wearing formal professional clothes; Suits and tie nor Formal skirt and coat dressed woman.

I waited in a coffee shop near the terminal to take a breakfast first. Bagels and Milk were a perfect combination of a very American Breakfast. As time goes by, the pathway began to be filled in with more and more people until it’s finally crowded with people, who seem to be departing to their works. 

Washington D.C has that calm, clean and formal kind of vibe. It has been due to its alluring building interiors, mostly were wrapped in white gradation. Even when world scale offices were located there, it wraps its busy-ness with simplicity. I had only one day to spend there so there was limited time to explore. Of course we would start by walking through a path of the most identical city attractions. After a visit to World Bank Headquarters Office, a long walk while capturing sights of the White House, National Air and Space Museum, Washington Monument. A lot of statues and monument were present.



Sabrina Anggraini