Dean Village: The Most Picturesque Part of Edinburgh

Travel Guide , United Kingdom / October 1, 2017

My bad. Every corner of Edinburgh is picturesque.

But Dean Village offers something different from the Edinburgh city life. You can actually hear the bird chirping, the continuous water streams from the river and a peace and quiet atmosphere. This hidden gem has the vibe of a countryside and it’s not even far away from the city centre, which is just around 15-30 minutes from there. 

One of my dream is to visit the countryside of United Kingdom. Since Edinburgh is a big capital city, I wasn’t hoping much to see those kind of sight. But when I found out there is this scenic village not far away from the city, I knew I had to get here. And yes, it’s worth to add to your itinerary. A lot of people said that it’s a surprise in the middle of Edinburgh. This gives me another reason to be amazed Edinburgh since it particularly got everything—from capital city life, castle in the middle of town, scenic hills, peaceful village until a beach. 


Picturesque Trail of Dean Village


The first view that greeted me once I got here. This is from the bottom Hawthornbank Lane.

I was actually in the National Scottish Gallery of Modern Arts when I found out that they have a walkway “Water of Leith Walkway” at the back of the museum. I walked down there, crossed a bridge and went through the river flow until I got outside to Dean’s Village. Dean Village is actually divided by the Water of Leith Walkway which makes it quite a scenery (more details on getting here at the end of this article!).

The best view starts at the bottom of Hawthornbank Lane. If you don’t mind, you can also go under the bridge.


From below the bridge

Reflections on the water

Every angle of this village has an interesting view to offer

Oh look, duckies!


Some Facts About Dean Village

  • Dean Village is located near the Stockbridge neighborhood of Edinburgh. It’s basically a private residential area, so we need to respect the peace and quiet for those who lives there. 
  • This place isn’t a tourist spot, so there is no restaurant nor public restroom. If you want to eat or order a taxi, you can walk uphill on Bells Brae which is the more populated area of town.
  • It can take you around 1 hour to explore or take pictures of this scenic place. You can only pretty much enjoy the atmosphere and take photos. 
  • Another option for you to do is going picnic on the park nearby. There’s a meadow a short walk away from the village along the Water of Leith Walkway. Above all, I think this place is perfect for those who wants to just chillax.


From the bottom of Hawthornbank Lane, we went uphill to explore the neighborhood. From here we can start seeing different perspective of the village…. which is so pretty.



There are some signs in front of the areas saying that it’s a restricted private residential area, so again, better keep that tourist catastrophe inside of you!


The private neighborhood. It’s indeed peaceful.

Scenic perspective we can see along the way

With my baby that helped me capture the scenic beauty. (RE: my camera that is wrangled around my neck not in a proper way)


How to Get There

There are several ways on how to get to Dean Village.t


  • Via Water of Leith Walkway from National Scotland Gallery of Modern Arts

If you want to go walk through the river first, there is a “Water of Leith Walkway” gate behind National Scotland Gallery of Modern Arts. You can go there and take the stairs, cross a bridge while walking through the river. You can actually enjoy the scenery of the park. I passed by some people who jogs and walked their dogs when I walked there.

For more info about the Water of Leith Walkway, you can check it out their website here.

The entrance gate

Walk down here to go through Water of Leith Walkway

Out from National Scottish Gallery of Modern Arts. Go through the bridge in front of it, turn left and continue to walk down the pathway.


You will appear right in front of the National Museum of Modern Arts and just needed to walk downhill again to Dean’s Village.

The neighborhood I passed en route to Dean Village (1)

The neighborhood I passed en route to Dean Village (2)


  • Take a bus from City Center (Scott Monument)

From Scott Monument, walk to Princes Street and take a bus either number 1, 22, 30 or 34. Stop at Lothian Road and do a 750 meters to Dean Village gate for around 5 minutes.


  • Walk from City Center 

Before getting to Dean Village, I went to National Scottish Gallery of Modern Arts (very close to Dean Village) by walking for around 30 minutes. Well, perhaps 45 minutes to stop by on the scenic buildings along the way. It’s worth the casual walk.

The view of St Mary’s Cathedral from the street, so yes it’s worth the walk!



Sabrina Anggraini