Pretty Pink Dinner in Sketch London

Travel Guide , United Kingdom / October 7, 2017


When London became my next stop, I knew I was seeking for a unique experience beyond just going to Big Ben and London Eye. And luckily I found the answer, because Sketch London is one of the best stylish and quirky restaurants in town that can give you that unique experience.

Sketch is a place designed by David Shriney where he has transformed the gallery onto an artist-conceived restaurants. So it’s basically a french restaurant where you can have daytime tea room and night time cocktails.

As I entered the building, the kind waiters and waitress greeted me and gave directions into the gallery’s restaurant. The dark yet quirky entrance.


The pretty stairs on the entrance


Once you’ll step into this restaurant, you’ll see different rooms. Each rooms are designed with different interior and atmosphere, as if they have their own little worlds.


The Glade Bar Restaurant


Pink Room

This is definitely my personal favorite—the elegant & chic pink room! The room’s atmosphere were made to be a bit darker since I came here during dinner. In this room, you can either sit on the bar or on the tables. Even though I’m coming here by myself, I choose to sit on the cute pink tables because duh, it’s not to be missed!



Before this picture was taken, beside me there was actually a couple having a fancy dinner that reminded me of a dinner scene in Gossip Girl TV show. Totally made me feel  #ForeverAlone since based on my observation I may be the only  coming by myself at that room lol! But who cares if you’re having a good time, right? 


Fish and Chips

Cute menu

The Vanilla Cocktail was one of the best highlights of my life, it’s one of the best sellers as well



Did you see what’s adorning around the restaurant’s wall? It’s David Shrigley’s 239 unique artworks.


A close look


Toilet or Capsule to Mars?

You’ll never fall in love with any toilet other than this one! I guess Sketch’s toilet is the ultimate reason why people loved going here in the first place. The toilet looks as if it’s a capsule that’s ready to send you out to Mars. I never seen anything decorated as quirky, elegant and pretty as this. Indeed this is the perfect place for selfies.

Some people said previously when it’s Easter, these toilet turned into duck eggs that quacked when you go inside!

What the insides of the capsule actually looked like



To visit the restaurant, since they are full of reservations, you need to book your table first in FYI you will need to input your credit card as a guarantee. If you don’t show up on D-Day, they will charge your credit card as much as £30. So, pick your time wisely!

Address: 9 Conduit Street, London W1S 2XG

Sketch is located near to the Oxford Circus tube station. If you arrive from that station you can just walk for around 5-10 minutes. 



Best time to come: I think what differentiates the atmosphere will be trying out on different rooms. The menu may slightly differ as well when you come during Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea or Dinner. It’s more of a taste, but most people said that it’s best to come for the afternoon tea.


Budget: I have to admit it’s a pricey french restaurant. Expect to pay between £20-£40 for a main course. Cocktails starting from £13.50. Note that a 12% service charge is automatically added to your bill and you have a minimum spend for the table. If you’d want to go for a less budget, I’d recommend you to book times during afternoon tea where you don’t have to buy a main course.



Sabrina Anggraini