Beautiful Sunrise During Our Morning Run at Marina Bay Sands

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It was around 2 AM when we arrived at our hostel due to a flight delay from Jakarta. On the first day of arrival in Singapore, we knew we didn’t want to waste our time. So a few hours later after landing, me and two of my friends decided to take the morning to do a morning run on the city.

Our budget hostel was surprisingly located in a strategic location, that is 5footway.inn in Boat Quay. From our hostel, Marina Bay Sands was easily accessible by a 20 minute run, so we’d try to take a trail to what turns out as Singapore’s best running routes.

We started running at 7 AM in the morning from Boat Quay, taking the route from around Clark Quay Lake, on to Marina Bay Sands. Little did we expect that the sun was just about to rise at that moment, revealing a pink cotton candy sky from a far, and finally a beautiful golden sunrise. Lots of people were gathered to take photos or even timelapse.

We didn’t expect our morning run will be accompanied with a beautiful view of a pink sunrise.

Here are shots of the view we saw from the trail of our morning run (in order);


Start at 7:00 AM from Clarke Quay


Cheeky kids statue in Clarke Quay


Sunrise at Heart of Marina Bay Sands

The Merlion – Fountain in Singapore, Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands in one frame

We about to cross the road when we first saw the pink sky


From Clarke Quay, by the time you arrived at Marina Bay Sands area, you will be in Merlion Park, overseeing the view of Marina Bay Sands building and Singapore Flyer. Merlion Park is one of the best spots to sightsee the sunrise. Little did we expect to see such pink sky and beautiful sunrise. Even though Marina Bay Sands is famously known as one of the best places to visit in Singapore, this a morning run is just another way to enjoy it!


Clifford Pier – Fullerton Hotel – The Esplanade 

Clifford pier


Olympic Walk – The Float

Dream big, because it’s free!

I’m not gonna lie — the light from the sun DID create a reflection on the building


The day was getting brighter, and the sun rays from the sun was reflected on a huge glass building, making the view looked extra. At this point, you will also pass by the Red Dot Design Museum.


Olympic Walk by Marina Bay Sands Shopping Center

A lot of people were also doing their morning jog in Marina Bay Sands area


Stop over to The Shoppes to buy some drinks

Drinking the lemon water on the right was personally VERY refreshing for me!

We only brought our phones, headset and a small amount of money at that time. Luckily, when we got thirsty, we passed by The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands’ shopping mall. I forgot it was around 7.30 or 8.00, but 711 was already opened and we rushed buy some drinks. 

It was also the first time I tried the premium morning tea, which looked like a crystal clear liquid like a mineral water, yet it tasted pretty much a like a legit milk tea. That’s something new for me!


In front of Art Science Museum

The view of Art Science Museum from Helix Bridge


Us being us.


Helix Bridge


Helix Bridge is an architectural feast that became one of the main icons of the city. Did you know that it’s known as the “world’s first curved bridge”? Hence, it’s no wonder this place is usually crowded with people.

Psst, if you want to come during a time where it’s less crowded (in fact there was almost no one), then coming early in the morning may be the answer. In the morning, the sunbeams also run through edges of the bridge perfectly.

Morning may be the best time to come to the Helix Bridge where there was not many people.



Running trail


  • Start from Clarke Quay
  • Head towards Marina Bay Sands
  • Go through Clifford Pier
  • Fullerton Hotel
  • The Esplanade
  • The Float
  • Art Science Museum
  • Over the Helix Bridge
  • Back towards Clarke Quay. You can visit The Barrage as well.


Pro Tip

Suitable for: Short runs (around 5 KM). 

Best time to come:

Sunrise at around 07.00 AM

Suitable for night runs? Yes!

Public transportation:

If you wish to start your run at the Barrage or Marina Bay Sands, the closest MRT station is Bayfront.

If you wish to start your run at Clifford Pier or the Fullerton Hotel, the closest MRT station is Raffles Place.

Parking information: Car parks are available at the Barrage, but parking space is limited.

Additional information: If you want to take a longer running trail, locals recommended to take on the trail that went through Forest Adventure (8.4 KM) and Gardens By The Bay (13.3 KM). I haven’t tried it though. Click here for more info.



Sabrina Anggraini



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