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Singapore Street Art: Haji Lane, Kampong Glam & Arab Street

01 Jun 2018 · 8 min read

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    Singapore… a multi-cultural country where it’s influenced by Malay, South Asian, East Asian, and Eurasian cultures. Some also say Singapore is dubbed as the country where “East meets West”. 
    You can witness the multi-cultural vibe by visiting some of the community’s neighborhood. Each neighborhood shows how each culture influences its architecture, food, handicrafts, heritage buildings, and more!
    These neighborhood includes places like Little India, Chinatown, including Kampong Glam. Kampong Glam itself is home to the Muslim community.  

    We started out visit by visiting youth’s favorite area to hangout, Haji Lane, a neighborhood famous for its street arts and quirky vintage shops. I found out later that Haji Lane was actually a part of Kampong Glam. I came to realize that Kampong Glam extends beyond its history, it’s a mixture between history, culture and a trendy lifestyle scene. 

    What you can do in Haji Lane, Kampong Glam and Arab Street? 

    From taking shots from the street arts, visit antique vintage stories, until eating local dishes in the restaurants—there’s a lot to do around the neighborhood.


    Snap the fancy street arts

    Welcome to (apparently) the most Instagrammable wall in Singapore! 
    These murals have already been very popular amongst youth, let it be tourist or locals. Most of these cute wall paintings came from either restaurants, cafes, or really just random paintings on the wall.


    Explore vintage shops, unique shopping, and cute little stores

    FYI, coming here in the afternoon is really hot, so when I already feel that the heat is unbearable, I “escaped” myself to vintage shops. There were stores that not only sells vintage clothing, but also accessories, wall-paintings, until cute aesthetic plants. There was also Hokkaido ice cream puffs, but unfortunately it was closed during our visit.
    If you like to shop at local stores, Haji Lane may be the place for you.

    Inside the unique stores in Haji Lane



    From Haji Lane, walk to Arab Street and Kampong Glam area; witness a combination of Malay and Arab culture

    We walked through rug shops, with arab-like textiles, perfume, cafes and restaurants, and more. If you are an expert in bargaining, then this place might be your stage. The cafe or restaurants offers traditional Muslim food and some Western restaurants have settled into the area. 

    Don’t forget to stop by at Masjid Sultan Agung (Sultan Mosque), the largest Mosque in Singapore

    Make sure to stop by Masjid Sultan Agung is the biggest mosque in Singapore, a landmark in the Kampong Glam Malay Heritage District. 

    Kampong Glam truly comes alive during Ramadan (Muslim fasting month). At the time of my visit, it was just a few days before Ramadhan Mubarak. Hence, a food market was held in front of the mosque. There was also someone who gives out free drinks to people during a Friday prayer.

    You can also visit Malay Heritage Centre, where you can get to know Malay history and culture better.

    Explore the street photography

    The neighborhood from Haji Lane until Arab Street was not such a huge area to stroll around. I walked slowly with my camera to observe the overall architecture and perspectives of this neighborhood. 

    Sabrina Anggraini



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