I Got To Sleep Overnight in Manchester United’s Old Trafford Because of This IT Competition

Personal Journal , United Kingdom / November 15, 2018


If you’ve seen my solo travel in UK posts during 2017, this competition is the reason why I’m there.

#UnitedByHCL is a hackathon designed by Manchester United Football Club Innovation Team, along with their partners.

Basically there are a lot of topics in the competition. But coming from a design background, our team decided to choose User Experience as our project theme. I find that participating in this competition can be a way for me to step outside of my daily activity at work, so its really nothing to loose in the first place, and we have not much expectation.



The chosen finalists gets a free trip to Manchester and participate in the finals that will be held in Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester. And guess what? OUR TEAM WERE LISTED!


Us when we’re presenting our application to the panel judges

Working on our app in Old Trafford. Who would’ve thought you’ll stress yourself at Old Trafford?




The most random thing to experience: Staying overnight at Old Trafford Stadium

As you know, Hackathons is about staying 24 hours to finish your app.

Since the last bus that could take us back to the hostel already left the building, and we were still given a task to adjust our app accordingly, we are given an option to stay at one hall where comfy beds were already provided for us tired participants. 

Well now I’m guessing.. is this where the football players probably slept? If so, well that’s epic.


Coming all the way to Manchester to meet some cool people 

With the teams participating at the event



After event

Coming all the way from Jakarta to Manchester, I decided that this is an opportunity for me to explore the United Kingdom.

So, right there in the venue, I rescheduled my home tickets and decided to take on a solo trip adventure (since my team has a lot of things to do in Indonesia and could not come!)

Which continues to the next chapter… my solo traveling in the UK series!


Special thanks for the organizers for making my UK dreams come true!


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