I always think that I’m neither special, talented nor especially gifted—I’m just very curious. 


How I Started to See the World

My name is Sabrina Anggraini, I was always the kid who has an empty passport. As an ordinary girl coming from an ordinary background, travel was a total luxury I rarely have the chance to do.

Until during my university days, I decided that I want to do something with my life. I want to see the world, and to at least develop my skills further and do something with it.

I started to try opportunities. I was scared because I don’t have many experience, but I tried. First is through my passion in culture, I joined SAKA UGM and participated in 2014 Sabah International Folklore Festival in Sabah, Malaysia representing Indonesia with my team. It was not that far from my country, but I met people from Kazakhstan, India, until Russia. It was not that far but I already felt like “traveling the world”. I was grateful.

Miracle happened when my team with my college seniors won and we got to present our work at London, UK. I couldn’t never even imagine coming during that time. During university, UK was one of my biggest dream that seemed impossible to reach. I once wrote a goal to go to UK during masters degree or something, but I wasn’t expecting it can happen this soon.

Behind the scenes, I failed a lot. But I’ve learned that one failure led me to tons of plans that was the best for me. If I didn’t fail during my summer exchange application, I wouldn’t have the chance to represent Indonesia and won 1st place with SAKA UGM at Prague Festival in Prague in 2015


A Turning Point

There’s always that moment that changed your life. I participated in community development I stayed in Alor, Nusa Tenggara Timur for 2 months through living with the local people in a village. This experience was my turning point for me to fell in love more with my country and knew that my ultimate passion was in tourism. Tourism can totally empower the community.



My interest in culture is one of the reasons why I started @kultara_ with my friends, so everyone can travel with purpose, which became one of my best life lessons learned through traveling in 2017 (number 3). 


So my message is. Go explore the world — with purpose.

If you feel like haven’t find yourself, just go for it, you’ll find yourself along the way

Never give up, cause your past does not determine your future.

Appreciate the process. You’re always learning.



What You Can Find in This Blog

I realise some people repetitively asked me about how I did my itinerary when I go to a certain place, travel tips, and such. Then I started to think it would be better if I could just wrote it down and let everyone read it altogether. You can kinda find adventure until Indonesian culture

  • Travel tips
  • Travel guides
  • Travel itinerary
  • Personal thoughts 

All opinions are of my own. Caution: you may find some tacky or cringe-worthy stories here. That’s just me being myself. 

I hope this blog can be useful for anyone who’s planning to explore a certain place. And most importantly, hope it can inspire people to wander on their next adventure.


Virtual Coffee?

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